Debris Monitoring Services

debris1SJR staff has experience with debris monitoring activities.  These include monitoring and consulting asbestos waste, household hazardous wastes (HHWs) and general demolition debris.  SJR technicians have established protocols for the identification and documentation of all debris generated during remediation and demolition activities.  These protocols utilize the FEMA 325 Debris Management Guide, to ensure compliance with Federal regulations.  SJR debris monitors are experts in conventional demolitions, RACM demolitions, as well as the identification and manifesting of HHW.  They work with clientele to consult on these activities as the projects require.debris2

Furthermore, they are familiar with all applicable EPA, State and Municipal regulations pertaining to the transportation and disposal of general construction debris, as well as friable and non-friable ACM. They have experience enforcing OSHA regulations to ensure that generally accepted safety practices are adhered to and can ensure that projects remain compliant with all applicable regulations.