Online Database/SharePoint

sharepointSJR has online database/SharePoint capability to streamline projects and allow clients the ability to track work on a daily basis.  Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint and various IT resources, SJR runs web-based sites to host all documents, data, records, and other information for clientele, as it pertains to their projects.  These SharePoint sites are hosted remotely via Microsoft Cloud and are managed by a team of Microsoft certified experts.  These sites are highly confidential, thus protecting client’s interests and ensuring their privacy.  Users are granted access via a username and password.  SJR can also determine the level of access granted to the individual.  This determines what actions the individual is allowed to undertake on the site.  Thus, users can login to the site and, depending on the access granted, can track, read, upload, modify or delete documentation as necessary.  This eliminates possible duplication of documents and work that can occur through other forms of communication, such as email.  With SharePoint, only one version of the document exists at all times.  The user is also able to post questions to the site and can set up email alerts for meetings, new postings, answers to questions, etc.  Furthermore, SharePoint can be configured on a user basis, thus allowing SJR and its Microsoft consultants the ability to control and maintain the site according to the client’s needs.  Ultimately, this capability provides a transparent system for clients, simplifying otherwise complex and intricate projects.  Through this program, SJR can track and maintain all information of a project, therefore, limiting the amount of work imposed on the client.