Former Denver Fish Hatchery

The former fish hatchery was the first of its kind in Colorado, and was later used as a training facility for hunters and an indoor firing range.  SJRE was contracted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife of Denver to conduct a limited asbestos inspection due to the planned demolition of the 2-story, concrete block, former fish hatchery building.

denverfishhatchery_1The EPA and CDPHE Colorado Regulation 8 require suspect ACM be properly sampled and analyzed prior to any demolition activities that may disturb these materials.  The purpose of this inspection was to identify and sample suspect ACM that could be impacted by demolition.  SJRE collected bulk samples of suspect ACM including, paint, sealant, caulking, ceiling tile and carpet adhesive. The samples were analyzed by PLM through an accredited laboratory under the NVLAP. No asbestos concentrations greater than 1% reported in any of the samples.  However, assumed roofing and window glazing materials that were not sampled, are non-friable Category I materials and were determined they should be removed during demolition as these materials are in fair to poor condition and will likely become friable during demolition.