New Clients

While SJRE (SJRE) continues to grow and build relationships with new clients, our firm remains dedicated to our current and on-going clients and values those expanding relationships.  SJRE has gained on-going and repeat business with a number of our clients, including URS Corp (the Stapleton project), Kroeger (King Soopers/City Markets projects), Chevron and the County of Pueblo Public Works Department.

URS Corp

SJRE is continuing to work with URS Corp on several projects at the former Stapleton International Airport. Recently, SJRE staff has begun to provide abatement oversight for the Filing 7 remediation plan; sampling, abatement oversight and contractor compliance for the 32nd & Syracuse remediation project; an asbestos inspection and abatement oversight for the limited asbestos abatement project of Building 111 (the former fire house located on the former Stapleton International Airport property); abatement oversight and contractor compliance for the North Westerly Creek remediation project; and to provide asbestos inspections, an asbestos project design, air monitoring and abatement oversight for the 43 damaged/abandoned small acreage farm houses at Stonehouse Farms in Brighton, Colorado.


SJRE has continued to provide asbestos inspections, emergency spill response, air monitoring and asbestos abatement oversight for King Soopers and City Markets grocery stores located in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

Pueblo Public Works Department

SJRE has continued its working relationship with the County of Pueblo Public Works department by performing abatement oversight and designing plans for on-site solid waste disposal for the former Pueblo Ice House.  The scope of work for this project included: a site characterization and management plan (SCMP), drafting an application for certificate of designation (CD), creating engineering designs, training, record-keeping, and constructing a closure plan related to the asbestos disposal site.  SJRE staff members also designed a solid waste disposal plan for the ACM and soil piles located on site.


Chevron has also remained an on-going client of SJRE and has contracted our firm for on-call environmental consulting during the renovation of the Colorado State Capitol building. SJRE conducted asbestos inspections, abatement oversight, contractor compliance and air monitoring.


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