Pinon Glen Apartments Project

pinon_1SJRE was contracted by Hammersmith Management, Inc. to perform visual inspections and air clearance sampling for the mold abatement project located inside the multi-family, residential building at 4800 Osage Drive, Boulder, Colorado.  The mold inspections and air clearance sampling were conducted from November 2013 through January 2014. SJRE Inspectors visually inspected and sampled 35 units and the clubhouse in the Pinon Glen Apartment complex to determine the levels of microbial spores within the residential space, as compared within the baseline levels outside the containment.  The purpose of the inspections and air clearance sampling were to identify and document the indoor air quality and to sample for the presence of microbial fungal spores.  Flood cuts were made in several units prior to sampling.

pinon_2Once, SJRE conducted and passed the visual inspection, SJRE generally collected 2 air clearance samples; 1 exterior air sample was collected outside the building as a baseline comparison for each unit and 1 air sample was collected inside each unit’s containment.  The bulk samples submitted under a chain of custody to an accredited biology laboratory for analysis.  In certain units where the inside air quality was not similar to the outside air quality, final air clearances were repeated after a second, and occasionally third, round of cleaning was performed by the abatement contractor.  SJRE ensured the air quality in the units would not cause adverse health conditions, and that the units were free of visible mold prior to being cleared.