5925 East Evans Avenue

5925EastEvans_1SJRE was contracted by JKS Industries to provide abatement surveillance, pre- and post-abatement inspections, air monitoring, and analytical laboratory services for the ACM-contaminated building debris throughout the abatement activities.  The scope of work included daily oversight and air monitoring during the open air abatement of the fire-damaged building located at 5925 East Evans Avenue from October 9, 2012 to October 22, 2012.  SJRE’s Project Manager performed periodic surveillance and periodic QA/QC of the ACM-contaminated building debris.



SJRE provided on-site abatement surveillance and area air monitoring from the beginning of removal activities throughout the abatement process.  Air samples were collected during abatement activities to measure the amount of particulate material in the air throughout the removal.  These daily air samples were used to ensure the safety of the public and the workers, as well as to provide data that JKS performed abatement per the variance specifications.  All air samples collected during removal activities were analyzed by SJRE’s on-site AMS using the PCM NIOSH 7400 Method.  The two highest PCM readings were submitted to an accredited laboratory for TEM analysis.  At the conclusion of this project, the top soil was visually inspected by SJRE’s on-site AMS and was found to be free of all visible debris.  All clean-up activities were performed using the methods or more stringent methods than the guidelines provided in the Colorado Regulation No. 8, Part B, work practices, as well as variances approved by CDPHE.