Former Pueblo Ice House – Pueblo, Colorado

puebloThe former “Ice House” cold storage property, located in Pueblo, Colorado, was identified as having ACM prior to a fire that occurred in the building.  According to the CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division and under the guidelines of Colorado Regulation 8, the building was considered to be a major asbestos spill due to the release of fibers from the fire.

SJRE staff were contracted to perform oversight of the abatement of the former ice house and to design a plan for on-site solid waste disposal of the spill.  Although SJRE is a relatively new company, our staff members have joined us from other consultant firms that worked on this project in the past.  SJRE as a company formally began work on the Pueblo Ice House in 2012.

SJRE staff members previously performed oversight of the abatement and designed plans for on-site solid waste disposal of the spill.  The scope of work included: a site characterization and management plan (SCMP), drafting an application for certificate of designation (CD), creating engineering designs, training, record-keeping, and constructing a closure plan related to the asbestos disposal site.  SJRE staff members also designed a solid waste disposal plan for the ACM and soil piles located on site.  The plan addressed a variety of regulations, including Colorado Regulation 8, 6CCR1007-Z, requirements from the EPA, and NESHAP requirements, as they apply to asbestos disposal and encapsulation activities.  SJRE staff members managed the abatement contractor, ensured the usage of wet methods, monitored for visible emissions, and performed QA/QC compliance with NIOSH method 7202 for TEM air sampling.

During the abatement of the site, SJRE staff members found both friable and non-friable asbestos in soil piles located throughout the property.  Therefore, they designed an alternative work plan to deal with the spill issues through approval from the CDPHE and the City of Pueblo for a CD for on-site disposal of the ACM; the solid waste disposal site design and operating plan was written to meet the regulations that pertain to solid waste disposal sites and facilities in the State of Colorado.  The CD designated a specific site to be utilized for the disposal of all on-site asbestos wastes.  Through this plan, the ACM and soil piles were encapsulated under concrete foundation walls and slab-on grade floors.  The site was then filled with ACS, capped with clean clay soil and covered with asphalt and prepared for the construction of a parking lot for the Pueblo County Judiciary building.  SJRE finished this last revision in 2012, which finalized the CD into the above mentioned parking lot.