Former Stapleton International Airport Redevelopment – Building 111, Denver, CO

building111_1SJRE was contracted to conduct an asbestos inspection of Building 111 (the former fire house) located on the former Stapleton International Airport property.  The asbestos inspection was performed as additional sampling to the original inspection conducted in May 1997.  Through review, visual inspection, bulk sampling and laboratory analysis, SJRE did verify and identify additional ACM during this inspection.  The building was abated and was the last building to be demolished at the former Stapleton International Airport.  SJRE was selected to perform abatement oversight for the limited asbestos abatement project and was onsite throughout the abatement and demolition. Building 111 consisted of minimal amounts of ACM to be abated.  A large portion of the ACM identified fell within the category of non-friable, tar-impregnated materials and was demolished and transferred to the landfill as non-friable ACM waste. The abatement was performed utilizing component removal methods in compliance with Colorado Regulation No. 8.

building111_2SJRE conducted a final visual inspection on each of the removal areas, except for the caulking material, as each project area was completed.  The caulking material on the gutter was identified as ACM that would need to be removed prior to demolition; SJRE decided it was best to have the demolition contractor remove the caulking at ground level once the gutter component had been separated off of the structure.  SJRE returned to the site to ensure proper removal of the gutter and caulking materials.