Former Stapleton International Airport Redevelopment – Filing 7 Project, Denver, CO

filing7_1SJRE performed the abatement oversight for the Filing 7 remediation plan at the former Stapleton International Airport.  Filing 7 was divided into three (3) distinct areas: the stockpile, the area north of the stockpile (Upper Site), and the area that immediately surrounded the stockpile on the east and south sides (Lower Site).  SJRE conducted the remediation oversight of ACM and ACS at the Site in two (2) phases: site preparation and stockpile screening.  The first phase addressed the ACS surrounding the stockpile and the second phase addressed non-friable ACM in the stockpile soil. As the Upper Site to the north of the stockpile was not known to contain ACM, SJRE utilized the Upper Site to form the stockpile through excavating and stockpiling six (6) inches of topsoil which was used as clean fill.  SJRE cleared the Lower Site of all potential non-friable ACM to prepare for soil excavation and transport for disposal.  Once those tasks were completed, SJRE performed an initial screening of the stockpile through a surface inspection of the stockpiled soil and surrounding surface soil.

filing7_2A two-tiered approach was used for the screening process: Full screening and Minimal screening.  During both screening efforts, ACM pieces found were properly bagged for disposal.  ACM discovered during potholing was scraped to the maximum depth at which the ACM was discovered and full screening was performed. The stockpile soil was screened and left in place as fill.