Former Stapleton International Airport Redevelopment – Stonehouse Farms Project

stonehouse_1SJRE was contacted by URS Corp to provide asbestos inspections, create an asbestos project design, and perform air monitoring and abatement oversight for the City and County of Denver asbestos abatement project at Stone House Farms in Brighton, Colorado. The project site was a list of 43 damaged/abandoned small acreage farm houses, including all associated out buildings on each of the properties.  19 of the farm houses had been reported to contain friable ACM, 17 farm houses contained non-friable ACM, and 7 farm houses had no ACM.  Many of the buildings were heavily damaged and were unsafe to enter.  These farm houses had been sitting for more than 4 years and had been heavily trespassed and vandalized. SJRE reviewed the asbestos survey and conducted a site visit on August 10, 2012.

stonehouse_3The Open Air Abatement and Demolition of the 19 structurally unsound farm houses containing friable ACM were conducted as a major spill within a Class 1 asbestos containment.  All abatement activities, disposal of ACM and transport of ACM were performed in accordance with all State and Federal Regulations and under the oversight of SJRE personnel.